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Frequently Asked Questions

Toll-Free Directory

Q: Will I be charged if I call from my cell phone?

A: Toll Free directory is a free service, however you may wish to check with your cell phone provider for any fees that they may choose to apply.

Q: Why isn't the number listed? Aren't all toll free numbers listed?

A: No, publishing with Toll Free Directory Assistance is an optional service. Some companies choose to offer their number through their own advertising and resources.

Q: Why can I get a toll free number from 411 directories, but not from you?

A: Toll Free DA (800-555-1212 and does not share the same database. Our listings are published per service provider's instructions.

Q: Do you list regular numbers?

A: No, Toll Free Directory Assistance is for toll free numbers only. Currently you may obtain 800, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888 numbers from our database. Some companies choose not to list with You may be able to obtain the number from a regular directory assistance service. *Note: that there may be a charge for calling regular Directory Assistance and Toll Free DA is NOT affiliated with regular DA.

Q: How do I add, update, or delete my number with Toll Free Directory Assistance?

A: If you wish to have your listing added, changed or removed from the website, you must contact your service provider.

Q: Who provides Toll Free Directory Assistance?

A: AT&T is the Industry Provider for the service.

Q: Why don't you have Operators?

A: The service is fully automated and provides a website as well.

Toll-Free Directory

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